• Mobile Developer PlayDapp Introduces P2E to Flagship Title

  • Mobile-optimized blockchain gaming project, PlayDapp, has announced a huge update to its flagship title. On October 27, the P2E server will go live on their hit RPG, Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn.

    From this day onwards, gamers can stake PlayDapp NFTs in order to earn in-game rewards. Therefore, building significantly on the platforms initial blockchain offering. This means that thousands of players within the Along with the Gods ecosystem have an extra incentive to play and can now earn real life $PLA rewards as a result of their participation.

    Two versions of P2E will exist within the game, representing both daily missions and PVP. However, different tiers of NFT require staking to qualify for each. To earn via the daily missions, players must stake three SR grade NFTs, and for PVP, it is a single SSR grade asset. Thereafter, participants will receive regular rewards, while maintaining control over the staked NFTs.

    If that wasn’t enough, fans can also get a jump on proceedings, and can stake NFTs immediately. This will kickstart the rewards program, without game participation being affected. This represents a huge statement of intent from the PlayDapp team, and sets the tone for any future releases.

    Along with the Gods initial blockchain offering saw players competing to win NFT prizes. Now, they can stake those NFTs and earn an additional income. Top stuff.

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