• Mondoir Leads Bidding for Coca-Cola NFT Loot Boxes

  • The Coca-Cola NFT trophy case auction is less than two days away, and the competition to bid on these one-of-a-kind digital collectibles is heating up.

    Well-known NFT collector Mondoir, who also heads Liverpool contemporary and pop art gallery Adelia Art Gallery, is currently leading with the highest bid of $60 WETH (wrapped in $ETH).Mondoir is known as an avid collector and supporter of NFTs.

    The Coca-Cola NFT was launched in honor of International Friendship Day, with proceeds going to support and fund Coca-Cola’s longtime partner Special Olympics International.The NFT was produced in collaboration with custom 3D creators from Tafi and Virtue, an international creative agency launched by VICE in 2006.

    Mondoir has been outbid, starting with a bid of $5 WETH, and has been at the top of the list, according to OpenSea’s listing data.NFT is being auctioned as a single lot, representing Coca-Cola’s first foray into digital collectibles. Coca-Cola says that each piece in the collection is “inspired by shared moments of friendship.”

    The format of the collection is inspired by video game loot boxes, and the Friendship Box itself will contain four rare, single versions of NFTs accompanied by “surprises” when opened. The box contains the following “trophies”. Coca-Cola Foam Jacket Wearable, Coca-Cola Friendship Card, Coca-Cola Sound Visualizer, and Coca-Cola Retro Cooler.

    An update on the Tafi website also lists the “physical Coca-Cola cooler” as a new item, except it will be the real-life Coca-Cola refrigerator. The Coca-Cola refrigerator will be available in November and features a vintage-style SMEG FAB28 model designed and made in Italy. Tuffy also detailed that the fridge will store – yes, ice cold – Coca-Cola.

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