• Monsta’s Mad Mecha Is Coming Exclusively to The Sandbox Gaming Metaverse

  • The Sandbox has just announced it has teamed up with Monsta – the producer of the highly anticipated superhero series Mechamato – to bring an exclusive gaming experience to The Sandbox. Monsta’ Mad Mecha will be the first game to debut on The Sandbox.

    What’s Monsta’s Mad Mecha?

    Monsta’s Mad Mecha is a newly-designed game that will launch on The Sandbox. It revolves around the narrative of a high-tech world where dangerous robots – Mad Mechas – run wild. The player needs to help one of the friendly Mad Mechas to survive and escape the planet. In the Quest Zone, players can take part in battles and earn parts from defeated Mad Mechas. They can then assemble these parts into new robots in the Workshop.

    The Mad Mecha universe will exist exclusively inside The Sandbox. Moreover, there will be digital assets to collect, in-game robot avatars and various in-game challenges. Additionally, LAND owners will benefit from Mad Mecha NPCs, buildings and props to build their own Mad Mecha City.

    Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, commented on this new partnership: “We’re pleased to welcome the Mad Mecha IP into The Sandbox metaverse, and we hope to see it attract new audiences from South East Asia to our gaming virtual worlds, enabling fans and users to create their own adventures and stories with their favourite characters.”

    In recent months, The Sandbox has established various lucrative partnerships. In addition to the Monsta partnership, The Sandbox has also announced its partnership with Ubisoft to bring Rabbids to the virtual community.

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