• Moonpay partners with FaZe Clan for NFT development

  • Faze Clan, a giant electronic竞技和娱乐组织, has signed a multi-year agreement with Moonpay, a platform for the payment of cash in cash, with the aim of entering the non-financial world.

    The two companies will work together to provide a large amount of numeric content to the Faze Clan community. The two companies will provide a large amount of numerical content and all aspects of Faze Clan.

    This new 举项新措置将采为 “Faze Forever”)is a numerical product business form, which is supported by Moonpay as a partner of 官方加密货币和NFT. 因此,第一套NFT收藏品将在2022年的某个时候来,具有独家促销活动、奖励内容和团队相关的辅助工具。

    Soon after that, Moonpay will provide the power for the key购买 system, as well as a safe way to use legal currency for NFT purchases, to open up the NFT products to its vast group of fans and mainstream watchers.

    Faze Clan is the main leader in the electronic竞季 domain, has accumulated over 3.5亿的粉丝on social media, at the same time it is one of the biggest personal sports teams on the planet, ranking third. In addition to this, provide support for a strong nameplate, including Hon – Ximeng Si, Xiaole Furou – “Furouni” Zhanmu斯和凯勒 -穆雷. This possibility is huge.

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