• MoonStar’s next-generation NFT marketplace is now live

  • MoonStar Cryptocurrency Project has launched its NFTs marketplace.

    The marketplace has been long awaited by the project’s community.

    Now, users of the platform can easily create, hold and collect these digital collections.

    MoonStar is a huge project that offers good returns

    MoonStar offers a new kind of digital currency experience that automatically rewards hodlers vi its frictionless revenue and liquidity generation tools. Notably, the cryptocurrency project is entirely community-driven and was launched covertly. Recently, the project launched its own marketplace for non-flux tokens (NFTs). In fact, following the boom in this emerging industry, several digital asset exchanges are setting up their own marketplaces for digital collectibles. Eventually, users will be able to find, create and collect digital collectibles on the platform.

    The long wait for the Moonstar community is over

    The team behind the MoonStar project has announced the launch of their marketplace for Non-Fungible Token. According to the tweet, the community’s long wait for the launch of such a next-generation marketplace has come to an end. Furthermore, the tweet also states that users of their platform can now mint NFTs from images, audio or video. similarly, anyone on the platform can create their own collections.

    How do you create an NFT on MoonStar’s platform?

    It is worth noting that to develop our own trending NFT on MoonStar’s decentralized platform, artists need to join this huge growing market. In fact, in order to start creating, users need to select and upload a file and choose its type. Notably, the platform supports files smaller than 3MB such as PNG, GIF, WEBP or MP4. Also, after uploading a file, the artist must choose a price, category, royalty, title, description and a specific collection. While creating NFT tokens, users can easily preview the 350px x 350px version of NFT.

    Moonstar’s native tokens are growing

    The crypto scene has witnessed several digital assets in the market gaining immense value and making their investors rich. On the other hand, several projects have also shown tremendous performance due to the words of celebrities. However, out of all these potential assets, MoonStar is the one project that has soared. Notably, we observed that with the latest consolidation in the NFT market, the price of MoonStar’s native crypto assets also soared higher.

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