• MORROW Collective Brings Fine Art NFTs to CryptoVoxels

  • NFT curators MORROW Collective are currently exhibiting at their CryptoVoxels gallery in collaboration with Firetti Contemporary, who are showcasing a beautiful array of their latest series, NFT|IRL.

    Featuring a vast array of artistic talent, the exhibition celebrates the marriage of the digital and physical worlds.Firetti Contemporary is hosting a live exhibition in Dubai, showcasing the works of NFT and their physical counterparts. There is also a purely digital version of the exhibition in CryptoVoxels.

    The installation included well-known artists such as artist Ahmed Emad, Kadara Enyeasi, who focused on the human form in an urban environment, and Josh Rowell, whose approach blurs the edges between analogue and digital media. All of these artists are on full display, coupled with the magnificent talents of Owen Pascal, Hriton Hizza and Fatiha Zemuri.

    If you’re lucky enough to be in Dubai, you can visit the real thing in the city’s Alserkal Avenue district.

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