• NAGA launches stock trading globally and announces its own NFT marketplace

  • Hamburg-based social trading platform NAGA AG (XETRA: N4G) announced today that it has launched global stock trading and its own NFT platform that allows the creation and trading of such assets. The company is adding trading stocks for global customers at €0.99 per trade.

    “Our vision is primarily based on a broad and direct global financial offering. In the current year, we have recorded over €3 billion in equity trading volume, mainly in Europe. After a long planning period, we have now successfully expanded our equity offering to more than 100 countries and still offer a very attractive pricing model. As a result, we now offer over 1,500 tradable assets. With this step, we will be able to target a wider range of users at a lower cost. Benjamin Bilski, Founder and CEO of NAGA, commented: “The entire product is also instantly connected to our social trading functionality.

    In addition, its NFT marketplace will be launched by the end of the fourth quarter of this year, which will allow users to create and trade their own work, including art, music and digital content. In addition, the NAGA NFT platform will be available through a wallet connection. In addition, the social trading platform notes that NFT owners can set a “royalty fee” and receive a percentage of each transaction.

    NAGA’s initial foray into NFT

    “The NFT market is growing rapidly and will continue to do so. With NAGA, we want to provide our users with a direct pathway to NFT transactions and position them early, as mass adoption is yet to come. Since NFT transactions require a digital wallet and cryptocurrency, which we already offer on our platform, NAGA users will be able to access the world of NFT directly without additional registration. We strongly believe in the NFT market because almost anything can be tokenized. the NFT movement is revolutionizing ownership, making it virtually location independent,” Bilski said. In addition, NAGA is expected to launch its own NFT series as part of the launch.

    NAGA’s financials set another quarterly record, with approximately $21 million in revenue for the third quarter of 2021.

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