• Naughty Hamster promotes blind box for charity, partners with CHASHOU to give one year free pearl milk tea

  • The first series of the NFT project “Naughty Hamster” will be sold in Hong Kong at 0.08 ETH each on the official website. In addition to the chance to win 55ETH (approximately HK$1.23 million) upon completion of the project, the project has also partnered with chashao to draw a lucky winner to receive 365 free pearl milk teas for one year in this series.

    The project hopes to share the results with holders, so it offers different benefits to holders. For example, using the “Holder To Earn” mechanism, 90% of the royalty income will be divided equally among the holders on the last day of each month; at least 20% of the proceeds from the blind box will be raffled off and 100 winners will have the chance to win 1ETH, 0.5ETH, 0.08ETH and 0.03ETH respectively; the first series of activities will be participated by the holders and the winners will be selected to receive a three-day, two-night stay for two. The first series of activities will be participated by the holder and the winner will receive a 3 days and 2 nights round trip air ticket to Hong Kong and Taiwan with accommodation package, etc.

    At the end of the project, the team will allocate one-fifth of the proceeds from the blind box to set up a Naughty Hamsters charity dao, “Naughty Hamster”, within three months to help the underprivileged community/animals. We also plan to launch the Naughty Hamster mobile game as a pilot of the meta-universe game half a year after the completion of the project, and will give different levels of dividends to NFT holders according to the actual revenue of the game.

    The project manager said, “We are actively adding different empowerments to the project to bring different benefits to NFT holders, and at the same time, spreading the theme of the project, “Love and Life”, so that we can become a Dao full of love and positive energy!

    Naughty Hamster” is an ongoing project about love and life, which will be released in 10 series, each series has 500 unique Naughty Hamster NFT collectibles randomly generated from multiple painted parts, plus the original “The First Hamster”, a total of 5,001 pieces.

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