• NBA Legend Stephen Curry Enters NFT Metropolis, Here’s What He Bought

  • Steph Curry has changed his Twitter display image to his latest NFT purchase. Today, NBA superstar Curry purchased NFT artwork from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) for 55 ETH, or about $180,000. With an extraordinary number of followers on Twitter, totaling over 15.4 million, Curry’s new Ape NFT profile picture became an internet trend in a flash.

    Curry’s NBA team NFT series

    NFT spheres are no stranger to basketball’s Stephen Curry. In April of this year, Curry’s NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, became the first major professional sports team to sell its non-fakeable tokens (NFT). The team named it the “legacy” series, which was officially licensed as a digital token. The “legacy” NFT collection contains digital videos of the team’s iconic championship rings throughout the franchise’s history.

    “We see the NFTs and the digitization of our business as a primary means of engaging our fans around the world. As an organization, we are always evaluating how we can be creative and innovative, and the launch of this particular NFT series is our latest development in this area. Additionally, it is important to us that the proceeds from this initiative will support the Warriors Community Foundation at a critical time in our community redevelopment education practice.” , said Warriors Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Schneider.

    First ever NFT tickets for the Sacramento Kings

    The NBA’s support of the NFT and partnership with innovative and unique projects in cryptocurrency is not surprising. Last month in July, the NBA’s Sacramento Kings announced the first-ever trial of a smart ticket NFT body verification. They revealed that this limited edition NFT ticket would come with exclusive perks and experiences. The Sacramento Kings signed a partnership agreement with blockchain organization Lava and Flow, which also sponsors the NBA Top Shot.

    The individual player and team sports NFTs have gained global popularity. The Sacramento Kings launched their token with over 85 NFTs to commemorate the Kings’ beginning season in Sacramento in 1985. In addition, soccer legend Lionel Messi has announced the launch of his own line of non-fakeable tokens (NFT) called the Messiverse. While basketball and soccer dominate the sports NFT space, legendary boxer Tyson’s NFT “Lineal by Tyson Fury” was recently auctioned off for $987,000; making it one of the most desirable sports NFTs to buy.

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