• Neo NFT minted and traded on GhostMarket, the first dApp on the main Neo N3 network

  • GhostMarket has integrated support for casting, selling and trading NFTs on the Neo N3 blockchain. ghostMarket is now the first available dApp to be deployed to Neo N3 MainNet.

    Neo users can connect to GhostMarket via the NeoLine Chrome extension or the O3 wallet (mobile and desktop) and use GAS as a means of payment to cast NFT on GhostMarket. future support for the Neon wallet is also planned.

    Features of GhostMarket

    GhostMarket’s shopping cart allows users to buy or sell NFT in bulk in a variety of wallets.

    Vincent Geneste, founder of GhostMarket, previously compared the shopping cart experience to Amazon’s, calling it “nifty.”

    Users can participate in three types of auctions when buying and selling NFTs: classic, Dutch, and reserved. Classic auctions can last up to 30 days, starting with an initial price that increases with each bid. The highest bidder at the end of the scheduled time limit wins. In a Dutch auction, the seller first lists the highest price and then lowers the price until the first bidder accepts. A reserve price auction lists the lowest price the seller is willing to accept from a bidder. Once the reserve price is reached, a 24-hour timer is triggered, allowing bidders to compete for the NFT.

    When casting NFTs on GhostMarket, royalties can be incorporated into the smart contract, and the creator receives a percentage of the revenue each time an NFT is sold.GhostMarket also implements support for cross-platform royalties, even if the NFT is sold in a different marketplace, Geneste said.

    Artists will get their royalties even if they move from one platform or dApp to another. This is something that almost no one has because it’s very tricky to do. We solved that problem.

    GhostMarket rewards royalties as a percentage of each subsequent sale. However, since NEO is not a divisible token, users can only buy royalty-inclusive NFTs with GAS.NEO can be used to buy non-royalty NFTs.

    Looking Ahead.

    The GhostMarket team intends to release additional documentation to help smart contract and DApp developers better understand the metadata format of their NFTs. In addition, a smart contract template is being designed for developers to launch their own contracts, allowing for custom collections.

    There will be a community event to reward users for minting NFTs on the Neo blockchain.GhostMarket will be handing out rewards to NFT minters handpicked by the team. More information will be released soon.

    GhostMarket’s roadmap also includes adding cross-chain functionality to the platform. Currently, GhostMarket serves as a single connection point for multiple chains, but does not offer cross-chain exchanges.The GhostMarket team intends to offer cross-chain porting of NFT by the end of this year.

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