• Neoverse N-series artist releases new NFT series on GhostMarket, to be used in future gameplay

  • Aleksander Kuskov, the artist who made the N-series Neoverse NFTs, has launched a new series on the GhostMarket platform. The Superior Artifacts collection was released on Feb. 17, 2022. The first two pieces in the series will allow holders the ability to unlock rewards and collect new art pieces within a metaverse map and game that Kuskov is developing.

    Currently, the Superior Artifacts series is composed of two unique works of art, with more planned for the future. The Crypto Key NFT grants its owner access to a metaverse-based map, where users can search for eight other artifact NFTs. There will be a total of 11 Crypto Key NFTs minted, with the first seven currently available for purchase at 279 GAS each.

    The second NFT in the series, Shell Armor, offers the NFT holder a form of defense within the forthcoming game. There will be 21 Shell Armor NFTs, but the first seven are available for purchase on GhostMarket at 198 GAS per NFT.

    By buying the NFTs, the holder will become an investor and partial owner of the game that Kuskov is developing. A prototype of the gameplay map can be found below.

    There will be nine to 12 additional future NFTs released over an undisclosed span of time, which will be part of the metaverse game and will unlock areas on the game map. Looking forward, Kuskov is also exploring the development of a NEP-17 coin that can be used for in-game play and rewards.

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