• Nestables Public Alpha release date set for February 24

  • Nestables, a popular 3D game, is set to launch a public alpha on February 28th, following a successful pre-alpha. As a result, the game will be available to any Nestables Founders NFT owner.

    Currently, the game is based on the Enjin platform, which is still in the development phase and will soon release Efinity blockchain.

    More About Nestables

    Nestables is a play-to-earn collectible game powered by Enjin and packed with gameplay features.

    Basically, Nestables, which is currently in pre-alpha, allows gamers to collect, trade, and breed 3D ‘Cubes,’ each of which has its own distinct personality and physical characteristics. You can customize your Cubes with various wearables such as costumes and accessories to make them stand out even more.

    What exactly are cube characteristics?

    Each Cube is one-of-a-kind! They all have unique physical and personality characteristics. What’s more, cubes are made up of a two-colour skin texture, eyes, head decoration/ears, and a tail. In addition, each Cube will have two distinct personality traits.

    ENJ backs each Cube, which is an ERC-1155 Token.

    Furthermore, Nestables allow you to breed Cubes for your collection or to help around the Nest. The offspring are the result of their parents’ inherited genes.

    Gameplay Elements

    Here are a few examples of the features:

    Obtaining Resources: Assign your Cube the task of gathering resources to build homes, expand your nest, and more!
    Create Your Nest: Create a world in which your Cubes can explore, play, and work. Make your own or use pre-made props to decorate your Nest!
    Cube Breeding and Collecting: Breed your Cubes to produce one-of-a-kind offspring! Each Cube inherits physical and personality traits from its parents.

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