• NetEase ventures into metaverse, pushes NFT digital collections feature

  • NetEase ventures into metaverse

    Of these, handheld games are expected to grow at perhaps 25% and PC games at 12%. Looking at the end of last year’s quarter alone, gaming revenue is expected to accelerate to 29% year-on-year to RMB17.3 billion, up 9% quarter-on-quarter.

    In addition, NetEase’s blockchain platform NetEase Planet announced the launch of a non-homogeneous currency (NFT) digital collection feature. The function is based on blockchain technology and is the foundation support for the underlying system of the metaverse, which will provide IP parties with a complete set of branding solutions for contract casting, product marketing and user management of digital collections, and provide collectors with services such as secondary creation, exchange, purchase, gift and collection sharing of digital collections.

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