• The Bug of NFT strikes again – Film industry answers the call

  • The film industry is jumping on the NFTs bandwagon.

    Sci-fi movie – Silhouettes, is selling its tickets as NFTs.

    These NFTs are only available on the Liquid network.

    As blockchain technology has revolutionized our technological world, it has left no sector behind. The latest sector that seems to have been bitten by the cryptocurrency bug seems to be the movie industry. It is making its debut in the form of movie tickets in the form of non-fakeable tokens (NFTs).

    To elaborate, the sci-fi feature film – Silhouettes – is releasing tickets in the form of NFTs. It is being done through the use of the Liquid Network’s LNFT platform. This is a huge milestone for humanity. Soon, we may see a whole new level of innovation in the film industry.

    This news has been warmly welcomed by sci-fi and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic example of what NFTs can do. Fans, for example, are used to saving their movie tickets as tokens of happy or heartwarming events in their memories.

    However, physical tickets always have the problem of receiving damage and are likely to fade over time. Sometimes physical tokens can even be lost. In such cases, movie tickets in the form of NFTs are a wonderful alternative.

    Movie fans can now purchase and keep their precious memories forever in the form of virtual tickets.Once purchased, NFTs are forever the property of the buyer, unless sold. In addition, these NFTs can be proudly displayed if the holder wishes.

    On a happier note, this is an NFT of a science fiction movie. for most science fiction fans, this is a dream come true. Fans can purchase their NFTs at the official Silhouettes website.NFTs can be purchased in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Liquid Bitcoin, or other forms of payment accepted by the Lighting Network.

    In addition, each ticket will have a unique ticket number and the first 100 buyers will receive two exclusive digital collectibles to commemorate the event. In addition, the first 1,000 purchasers will also receive an NFT.

    Imagine the possibilities, as more movie franchises adopt this approach, fans could start collecting movie tickets in the form of NFTs. A Star Wars ticket could light up like a different lightsaber. A Star Trek movie ticket could go in and out of its display case. This is truly a great opportunity for creativity to further enthrall fans and viewers alike.

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