• NFT goes mainstream at AI exhibition at London Art Gallery

  • Deeep, an artificial intelligence (AI) art exhibition in London, UK, paves a new path for the emerging NFT market.

    This AI art and NFT exhibition takes place from 14-17 October. We spoke to Jake Andrew, a traditional artist who has recently embraced non-fakeable tokens (NFT) as a means of bringing his art to life.

    “It’s a fact that you can create something that’s not static. You can create a physical painting, which is fine, but it doesn’t convey the energy of music, it doesn’t convey the energy of people’s voices,” Andrew told us.

    “Painting, I love it, it’s always going to be my main way of creating work, but the NFT space opens it up,” Andrew added.

    Deeep co-founder Stephane Lebenson echoes Andrew’s optimism about NFTs.

    “No longer an outlier curiosity and novelty, AI art and NFTs have now established a solid place in art history and have steadily revolutionized the framework of what is considered valuable and collectible art,” Lebenson said in a prepared statement about the event.

    NFTs and AI

    The exhibition does not focus exclusively on NFTs, nor are all the works on display NFTs. instead, it takes as its subject the broader question of the role of artificial intelligence in art, by exhibiting artworks created using AI and machine learning, or depicting the relationship between humans and AI.

    One example is the art collective Obvious, whose portrait of Edmond de Belamy, generated entirely by AI, sold for $432,500 at an auction held at Christie’s New York in 2018.

    “The field of AI art and NFTs has seen exponential growth over the past few years,” Deeep co-founder Erin Lait said in a statement.” He added, “We recognize and embrace this technology-driven art movement as a new frontier of art with amazing possibilities.

    But how have traditional artists embraced this so-called technology-driven revolution in their industry?

    Artists who have embraced NFT

    Jack Andrews is one of those people who comes from the traditional arts. In addition to the new creative tools that NFTs have brought to him, he tells us that the NFT community is one of the biggest draws to the industry.

    “The NFT community is crazy. I love it. It’s the most welcoming and inclusive space I’ve ever been a part of,” he said.

    Andrew added that NFT has helped artists open up new monetary opportunities to fund their careers.” He added, “People have been buying my physical work for years, and now they’re coming into the NFT space – financially, the NFT opens up a whole different market.

    Obviously, there’s a technological angle to NFT and AI-generated art that traditional art doesn’t necessarily expose artists to. Though Andrew says bridging that gap may be easier than you think.

    “Every one of my friends in the arts who aren’t in the NFT space say they don’t understand NFT until you talk to them, and I think it’s just a conversation we need to have with people,” he concludes.

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