• NFT Awards at Polygon for players of Avarice Saga

  • Avarice Saga gamers who have digital wallets will receive tokens as a reward for winning. Other games offering NFT prizes are Escape Games, kidnAPPed and Break-in, and ARG or the Apocalypse. this is the first time such prizes have been announced in the industry. The winning tokens and special edition tokens will soon be available on the polygon infrastructure.

    How will this go for players?

    The rules are that if the game team can solve the riddles, puzzles and other tasks specified in the game within an hour, all team members will have a chance to win a free Avarice NFT.

    The concept of the NFT prize

    An official report by Totemtime4Teams says that the idea for this NFT award came from the request of the players. They said that they came to this conclusion by sharing their work with more than 100 leading tech companies around the world. Working with these smart people, they came up with this novel idea of giving out NFTs as prizes.

    Why did Polygon launch it?

    The main reason for choosing Polygon was the affordability and scale Polygon offers. In addition, Polygon’s infrastructure is just right for payers to easily redeem NFT prizes.Polygon is the platform of choice for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. With an ever-expanding suite of products, Polygon offers developers easy access to virtually all extension and infrastructure solutions: sidechains, standalone and enterprise chains, hybrid solutions, L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), data availability solutions, and more. As for Polygon’s scaling solutions, they have been widely adopted, hosting over 3,000 applications, $5 billion in asset security, processing ~600 million transactions, and approximately ~60 million unique user addresses.

    Learn about Totem Tim

    Totem Tim offers curated digital events called Avarice Saga that bring teams together on a scalable, no-guidance team-building platform. Most recently, Totem time opened its doors to enterprise customers to create custom content for learning, onboarding and other use cases.

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