• NFT survey of over 40,000 respondents shows Americans trust NFT investments more than Brits

  • Two very clear cryptocurrency trends stand out for 2021, including non-fakeable token (NFT) assets and decentralized finance (defi), as billions of dollars of cryptocurrency have poured into these areas.On September 7, global consumer research platform Piplsay surveyed 30,870 Americans and 9,170 Brits to find out what today consumers’ perceptions of NFT. According to the survey, 48% of U.S. respondents consider NFT to be a “good and safe investment.”

    Piplsay Survey Shows Americans Prefer NFTs to Brits

    Not long ago, most people were clueless when you asked them about non-fakeable token (NFT) assets. However, since this year, cryptocurrency trends like defi and NFTs have exploded and consumers are becoming more aware of this growing market. Some recent surveys with 1,000 or as many as 10K participants explain what they think about the growing NFT space and whether they think NFTs are a good investment.

    In December 2020, a survey suggesting that the NFT market has a lot of room to grow turned out this way. A few months later, when the NFT hype was in full swing, another survey published in July showed that three out of four sports fans were skeptical about the long-term nature of NFT investments.Piplsay’s survey was much larger than these previous surveys, as the team’s research successfully surveyed more than 40,000 people from the U.S. and U.K.

    While the data shows that 48% of Americans surveyed think NFT is a “good and safe investment”, only 22% of UK residents feel the same way. 18% of Americans have invested in NFT, while only 5% of Brits have done the same. The survey was conducted just recently, from September 3-5, 2021, and all were over the age of 18. The survey further states.

    44% of Americans think NFTs will continue to exist, compared to 27% of Brits

    A revolutionary concept, or ridiculous? Americans and Brits agree on NFTs When respondents were asked their personal views on NFTs, 50% of Americans said they had no opinion or did not know about the issue.68% of Brits also had no opinion or did not know about the NFT space.32% of Americans think NFTs are a “revolutionary concept,” while only 15% of Brits agree with this statement.18% of Americans think NFTs are a “ridiculous concept”, while 17% of Brits agree that NFTs are ridiculous.

    In the survey, 24% of Americans said that NFTs are “neither good nor safe”, while 45% of Brits agreed that NFTs are not a good investment. 19% of US respondents said that such investments may be “good, but not safe”.

    Twenty-one percent of Brits said the same thing, and only a small percentage of Americans and Brits said NFTs were a “safe but good” investment.Piplsay also broke the survey down into demographics by generation.” Piplsay researchers wrote: “In the US, 41% of millennial individuals have invested in NFTs, compared to 33% of Gen Xers and 26% of Gen Zers.

    “In the UK,” the researchers added, “45% of individual millennials invested in NFTs, compared to 37% of Gen Z and 18% of Gen X.” ‘Gaming-related NFTs are most popular with Gen Z (18%) in the US, while brand-related NFTs are most popular with Millennials (17%) and Gen X (17%),’ the survey concludes.Piplsay’s full research report on NFTs can be found here.

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