• NFT platform SAKURA partners with Japanese F3 racer Ai Miura

  • Ai Miura, the first woman ever to win a Japanese Formula 3 championship, is part of a revolution in unforgeable tokens through her partnership with the SAKURA platform.

    Ai Miura is now a SAKURA NFT endorser

    According to an official announcement shared by the SAKURA NFT team, it has entered into a long-term partnership with Ai Miura, a high-profile speed racer in Formula 3 of the Japan Racing Federation.

    In 2014, Ai Miura became the first champion in the history of the Japanese Formula 3 racing series. She also won the FIA Solar Car Race Suzuka, the Keitoku Cup and the VCR Vita. 2020 saw her compete in Formula Nippon, Super Grand Prix and Japan Mini Challenge.

    The SAKURA NFT platform highlights that this partnership will begin a series of collaborations with world-class athletes. Their signatures will be released on the platform in the form of NFT.

    The SAKURA NFT platform is supported by EGI Coin, a blockchain-focused community of eSports enthusiasts, gamers, digital creators and cryptocurrency activists.

    A one-stop platform for the NFT era

    Right now, the SAKURA NFT platform is getting closer to the launch of its website. In the meantime, numerous important collaborations are in the initial stages of marketing and promotional efforts.

    Unlike most of its competitors, the SAKURA NFT platform will ensure a holistic experience for digital tokens: unforgeable tokens and cryptocurrencies will all be stored on a unified dashboard that can be accessed with just a few clicks.

    Since its initial release, the SAKURA NFT ecosystem will support a toolkit of advanced features such as wish lists, NFT state models, and more.

    The platform is designed to introduce one of the dominant symbols of Japan and its people, the “Sakura”, or “cherry blossom”. This symbol is also used in the SAKURA NFT logo.

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