• NFT gaming giant Axie Infinity (AXS) has grown 750 times in just one year

  • It’s safe to say that the gaming economy is booming and NFT platforms are profiting from the growing demand. Axie Infinity (AXS), developed by Vietnamese gaming studio Sky Mavis, is changing the gaming world as sales topped $1 billion.

    With over 1 million daily active users, this cleverly positioned NFT marketplace is bringing fun furry creatures to the masses. With 95% of its revenue going back to players, it’s easy to see why Axie Infinity is experiencing tremendous momentum.

    What’s driving Axie Infinity’s growth

    AXS is a unique case because it is a governance token, not a tradable asset on the rise. As an ethereum-based digital marketplace, Axie Infinity offers players a place to collect, breed, and trade NFT-based creatures, aka Axies.

    Meanwhile, Axie’s developers quickly realized they needed a fast, seamless user experience and developed an ethereum-based sidechain called Ronin, which is easy to activate and has very low gas costs.

    AXS is currently trading at $71.97, up from $42.14 at the same time last week. The steep tilt in popularity with AXS dwarfs other DeFi protocols.

    AXS Token Economics

    AXS tokens have a maximum supply of 270 million and can be purchased or acquired by playing the game.Axie Infinity has generated its own mini-economy, earning income from Alix creatures, axie breeding, land sales and marketing fees.

    The game is known for being strategic and full of adventure, with all players having the opportunity to battle their Axes through different levels.

    A word of warning to all aspiring players, you need at least three Axies to participate, and the average price per Axie is $200, with some costing much more. However, in another innovation, players can borrow Axies from in-game managers who can take a passive income cut of your earnings.

    According to Dapp Radar, NFT’s sales rose to $2.47 billion in the first half of 2021. We’re learning and making more money through the world of NFT. The play-to-earn model is a cause for concern. Don’t we want to make real money in the game? Like Buzz Lightyear said, go to infinity!

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