• The NFT craze is sweeping the Taiwanese culinary scene, and ramen shops are following suit with the release of NFT

  • Taiwan’s oldest salt-crusted chicken, Shi Yuan Salt-Crusted Chicken, launched the world’s first salt-crusted chicken NFT on Nov. 27, and another restaurant has announced it will soon sell NFT. Taiwanese cuisine is joining this emerging market.

    On its FB fan page, Numayoya Tsujiha Yuzu Shio Chicken Shirataki Rameen Specialized Restaurant announced that it will release the ramen NFT on December 1 at 00:00, limited to 100 pieces each, including Frothy Shirataki Tsujiha Chicken Soup, Yabu Shirataki Tsujiha Chicken Soup, Smoky Truffle BBQ Moriachi, Thick Chicken Fish Suke Dip Noodles, and Myoko Hanzuri Sinja Miso Chicken Shirataki Dip Noodles. Each NFT pays for a limited number of 100 pieces. The store says on its fan page that the NFTs were given out purely for fun and that it will watch the situation and launch a related campaign in the future.

    In fact, not only the store issued NFTs, but also Penghu Fishing Market “Sea Breeze Wild Food” announced on its fan page on November 4 the release of Penghu dried octopus NFTs, of which the dried octopus NFTs are limited to 10 pieces.

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