• NFT’s “Care Package”. Tokens for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

  • Utility has always been a difficult nut to crack in NFT projects. Today, if an NFT project does not offer some inherent utility or does not carry some unique feature, it is unlikely to gain much traction.

    Enter Jack Butcher, the creator of visual value. After years in advertising, Jack founded Visualize Value to, as he describes it, “make it easier to learn, teach, build and sell. “Jack’s platform includes courses and, most notably, exceptional online content that inspires creativity and divergent thinking.

    Jack’s latest project, Care Packages, gives cryptocurrency a key role in how we view charitable giving.

    “Care Packages.”

    As the conflict continues to grow throughout Afghanistan, Jack sought out NFT as a way to help those in need. The United Nations refugee agency estimates that more than half a million people are internally displaced in Afghanistan this year. A large number of people in the area are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and other resources to survive.

    “Care Packages” is an NFT series of 1,000 for 0.03 ETH (about $87), which will cover a family’s emergency needs for a month. There is also a package of 10 for 0.28 ETH.

    In less than 24 hours after releasing the NFTs, Butcher has raised over 25 ETH between the single and 10-package NFTs – nearly $75,000.

    Butcher’s new NFT, the “Care Package,” directs donations through an ethereum smart contract.

    How it came to be …… And where it’s going

    Our team at NewsBTC reached out to Butcher to learn more about the Care Package and Butcher’s broader thoughts on the future of NFT.

    For the “Care Package,” Butcher directs all funds to Care.Org via The Giving Block.Butcher minted NFT on Mirror, and each time NFT is purchased, the funds are kept in a smart contract and sent to an ETH address on Care.Org. It’s a cryptocurrency through and through.

    This isn’t Jack Butcher’s first NFT attempt, and it probably won’t be his last. He shared his time with the NewsBTC team for about 3 months and had minted “about 40 or so pieces” prior to that.In April, Butcher minted “Oxygen,” a 1-for-1 piece that sold for 3.0 ETH (just under $10,000); proceeds were donated to the Covid-Crypto Relief Fund in India.

    Earlier this month, Butcher minted “HR 3684,” with 100% of the proceeds going to coincenter.org, a non-profit organization focused on cryptocurrency policy initiatives. The 1-for-1 NFT sold for 5.5 ETH (over $16,000) amidst policy discussions around cryptocurrencies.

    Butcher is showcasing initiatives to empower the cryptocurrency community to make a difference on a global scale. What’s the motivation behind all this? He told us, “Watching the news unfold and thinking about what I could do would be the biggest impact, knowing that I could reach out to the digital art/NFT community and enhance cryptocurrency.” What inspired Jack Butcher to cite projects creating mini-economies, gaming for money, generating art and business rights as some of his favorites – a true love for the “license-free nature of it all.”

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