• NFT sci-fi game Phantom Galaxy to be released in 2022

  • Animoca Brands, one of the earliest unicorns in the NFT space, and its wholly owned game developer Blowfish Studios have announced the release of Phantom Galaxies, a highly anticipated sci-fi blockbuster.

    Phantom Galaxies will officially launch in 2022

    Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios are getting closer and closer to the release of sci-fi game meta Phantom Galaxies’ main network.

    The game will utilize unforgeable tokens associated with in-game items and characters. As such, its economics will be completely transparent and guaranteed by a distributed ledger architecture.

    Phantom Galaxy is advertised as a “mechanical space opera” and will be released on all major consoles and Windows-based PCs in 2022.

    Ben Lee, co-founder of Blowfish, added in an interview that 35 contributors have been working on this release for 2.5 years straight.

    What I really want is a true triple play in the blockchain gaming experience where I own the assets and get the best of both worlds.

    The NFT board is on fire again

    The NFT protocol segment has resumed its boom in recent weeks after a brief hiatus. New protocols are joining the NFT race. cardano (ADA) added NFT-based tools to its lightweight wallet shortly after smart contract activation.

    Additionally, the two largest NFT ecosystems to date, the Ether-based and Solana-based, have gained a seamless bridge. bored Apes and NBA Top Shot cards can now be transferred to Solana.

    Last but not least, Solana (SOL) witnessed its first-ever seven-figure NFT sale.

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