• NFT Roundup: collectibles boom continues as prices soar

  • The world of NFT is bursting with new developments, including soaring prices for CryptoPunks and Christie’s NFT obsession.

    In the world of NFT, not a day goes by without hype about the next big thing. 2021 sees unforgeable tokens sweeping the world at an unprecedented rate.

    Generating interest from institutions, investors, fans and artists, it’s more than just a fad. Without these tokenized digital assets, digital natives will have a hard time recognizing the world.

    Recent major developments in the NFT space include a price spike for CryptoPunk NFTs, glowing words from Christie’s auction houses, and new releases from some of the world’s biggest brands.

    CryptoPunks prices soar

    Perhaps one of the crown jewels of the cryptocurrency NFT space is CryptoPunks. created by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks was the first NFT to appear on the ethereum blockchain in 2017.

    The digital art collection is a series of 24×24 pixel artworks. Most look like punk-ish pixel people.

    Over the past year, the craze surrounding CryptoPunks NFT has skyrocketed. In June and July, two CryptoPunk pieces sold for over $1 million – #7523 and #1886. before that, Christie’s sold two coveted CryptoPunks for $17 million.

    Fast forward to the end of July and CryptoPunks saw a massive spike in volume over a 24-hour period. The spike in volume topped out at around $46 million. At the time, it was more than twice the size of the next big cryptocurrency project, Axie Infinity.

    The volume spike followed a 50% surge in CryptoPunk’s price. In the past week, sales and traders have also increased.

    Christie’s NFT excitement continues

    Christie’s frequent auctions of CryptoPunk assets also made waves in the cryptocurrency space over the weekend. The world-renowned auction house set a milestone by becoming the first NFT auction in Asia for an international auction house.

    The auction was “timeless.” It includes CryptoPunk art, another Larva Labs piece, Meebits, and the debut of Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

    Christie’s continues its dominance in the cryptocurrency auction space as it works with some of the best-selling artists.

    Works sold through Christie’s have reached million-dollar-plus prices. Some critics say that auctions like this one make the NFT collection only suitable for the big leagues.

    More name-brand NFTs

    Musicians, artists, brands, and even real estate all have a place in the NFT space.

    This past weekend, more major global brands and organizations stepped into the space, including Audi. The German automaker announced the release of a limited edition NFT through a partnership with xNFT.

    The world-famous Marvel Comics also released a groundbreaking NFT line featuring the famous superhero Spider-Man. The drop will include 60,000 NFTs in varying degrees of scarcity. fans shouldn’t expect Spider-Man to be the only drop as the comic book brand plans to release its own NFTs for the market.

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