• NFT artist and “Long Neckie” creator Nila Hayes has made over $1.6 million

  • Nila Hayes is a 14-year-old NFT artist who made history when she sold her NFT series called Long Neckie. Her NFT collection is worth about 3.4 million cryptocurrency. Her sales have exceeded $1.6 million.

    NFT artist Nila Hayes’ collection is worth millions of dollars

    Nyla Hayes is an NFT artist who is selling her NFT series ” Long Neckie ” to great success. ” Long Neckie ” is a digital art series featuring different long necked women. In the past year, Nyla has sold about 960 NFT’s in ETH. which is equivalent to about $3.4 million in digital currency. Her favorite dinosaur, the Brachiosaurus, inspired Nyla to create her digital designs.

    Nila has been inspired to create digital art since she was a child. She started drawing at the age of four and her parents gave Nyla her first smartphone for creating digital art when she was nine. Nyla’s passion for creating digital content was sparked by her uncle, who introduced her to the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Nyla honed her skills by watching tutorials and guides online about creating NFTs.

    As a result, her ” Long Neckie ” series grew in popularity and the compilation sold millions online to NFT collectors. Her abstract paintings resonated with collectors and the young NFT artist broke records in terms of sales.

    Time magazine expands to NFT

    Thanks to ” Long Neckie “, Nyla will receive an art-in-residence at TIMEPieces, TIME Magazine. This is the first art-in-residence for the platform.TIMEPieces is a platform that provides NFT artists with the tools and facilities they need to develop a career in the NFT art scene.

    The platform is a new initiative for TIME Magazine to explore NFT art. timepieces hopes to merge TIME Magazine’s unique style with NFT through its art-in-residence series.

    As a result, TIME is expanding its artistic reach to include digital art. Nyla is at the forefront of this change, and the renowned publisher wants to attract a new audience. The Times credits Nyla with representing the next generation of artists, and her contributions have inspired hundreds of people in the NFT community.

    The Times launches Nyla’s NFT series on November 17, 2021, titled the Hayes Series. The Hayes Series will highlight Nyla’s contributions to the NFT art world and help expand her audience.

    The Times is one of many major publications expanding NFT coverage, and other major publishers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post have also increased their NFT coverage. As a result, the Times is particularly hopeful that their NFT artist coverage will put them ahead of their competitors.

    The iconic brand wanted to push its coverage further. Therefore, reaching a wider audience globally, increasing its readership and continuing its tradition of highlighting talented artists from around the world.The NFT market is the perfect place to do so, with interest around NFT growing by the day and the value of NFT growing by leaps and bounds.

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