• NFT Art Agency to Auction Exciting Works by Emerging Artists at NFT Exclusive Marketplace

  • NFT Arts Agency announces an NFT Auction to promote new and iconic artists in a dynamic marketplace. They also offer a full suite of services including sales, publicity, animation, minting, rights management, financial planning and career coaching. The auction will go live on Binance’s exclusive NFT Marketplace on Saturday, August 28 for one week.

    Auction kicks off with NFTs from Indecline, Rodolfo, Ken Salter

    NFT Art Agency’s auction will begin with NFT works by these three modern artists who are going all out to promote contemporary art.Indecline’s first NFT placement will include “Emperor,” a 3D digital looping motion graphic of their infamous nude Donald Trump sculpture that captured the attention of the entire United States in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Their most infamous and important public artwork and some new projects created for the campaign will be represented.

    José Rodolfo Loiza Ontiveros.

    Rudolph will debut some of the NFT, including “Lie to Me” and “The Three Stooges of Bobby.” He is known for his edgy and unconventional combinations of popular animated icons and elements of modern tabloid fame.

    Ken Salter.

    Ken Salter will debut “Bells”, “Look”, “Mary”, “So Tonight” and “Umbilical Cord”. His masterful work promotes mindfulness and meditation, bringing together almost every aspect of his chosen artistic practice to embody the principles of emergence.

    Matt Kennedy, Chief Executive of NFT Arts Agency, said.

    “With over three decades of experience in traditional art, we have assembled a roster of some of the most important contemporary artists who have expanded the utility of the virtual space by producing artworks that transcend cultural boundaries. We are incredibly proud to represent these artists as they enter the exciting next generation of digital art through the NFT auction.”

    Panik Collective and Hallis

    Last but not least, the auction will feature the work of THE PANIK COLLECTIVE, an anonymous team of curators, musicians, sculptors, painters and mathematicians who often switch mediums of expression to best convey themes of politics, sexuality and gender. Another highly anticipated work is that of Howard Harless, best known for his work with Dr. Timothy Leary, an American psychologist and writer notorious for his strong advocacy of psychedelic drugs.

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