• NFT Project Crypto Hall of Fame to Cast Its Remaining NFTs on RSK, Citing High Ethereum Gas Costs

  • NFT project Crypto Hall of Fame chooses RSK as an alternative to Ether

    The Crypto Hall of Fame project says they will be minting the remaining Non-Fakeable Tokens (NFT) on RSK, a smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network.

    Crypto Hall of Fame is a series of 21 portraits created by digital artist Max Cryptohead. The first 11 portraits in the series are being minted on the Ether blockchain as ERC-721 standard tokens, but the remaining 10 will be minted on RSK via Nifty Labs’ NFT Minter module.

    The RSK blockchain takes advantage of merged mining, and Bitcoin miners can also secure the RSK blockchain at the same time. It also features a mechanism that allows users to bridge their BTC from the Bitcoin blockchain to the RSK platform. These BTC can then be used as RSK Smart Bitcoin (RBTC).

    In addition to being a smart contract platform secured by Bitcoin’s extremely powerful network, RSK also offers cheaper transactions than what is currently available to Ether users.Aaron Koenig, founder and managing director of Crypto Hall of Fame, commented on why the project chose to start minting its NFTs on the RSK platform.

    “The price of gas on Ether has become outrageous. We were looking for an alternative and we felt that RSK offered the best combination of security, speed and price. There are many other alternative blockchain solutions that compete with Ether, but none of them have the unparalleled network effect of Bitcoin.”

    A collection of cryptocurrency pioneers

    The Crypto Hall of Fame is a collection of individuals who have had a big impact on the world of cryptocurrency. This includes cryptographers like David Chaum, Adam Back, and Wei Dai, who were prominent before Bitcoin was invented and cited by Satoshi Nakamoto as an influence. Of course, Satoshi Nakamoto is also in the Cryptocurrency Hall of Fame.

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