• NFT Bridge By Satoshibles Allows NFT Transfers Between ETH & BTC

  • You can now transfer Satoshibles between Ethereum and Bitcoin. The Stacksbridge NFT bridge now allows NFT holders to send their digital assets between different blockchain platforms. The PFP project now presents an opportunity for the Bitcoin community to embrace Bitcoin through NFTs.

    An NFT bridge to transfer NFTs from Ethereum to the Bitcoin network seems appropriate, given that Satoshibles was inspired by the mysterious Bitcoin founder to begin with. Currently, the team oversees the bridge and intends to build a trustless model in the near future.


    Satoshibles consists of a team of NFT-for-Bitcoin enthusiasts. This project features a collection of 5,000 algorithmically generated crypto collectible NFTs. The art comes from 192 hand illustrated attributes, spread over 9 traits, each ranging in rarity.

    The fully doxxed team partnered with Stacks to build the world’s first cross-chain NFT bridge. Stacks is essentially secured by Bitcoin, and now the ETH-BTC bridge opens up a realm of new possibilities for the NFT community. Presently, Satoshibles is the first NFT project to use this bridge.

    Relatively speaking, this project has much room to grow. They are still looking to onboard new talents to expand, especially in marketing and development. Moving forward, they are developing a DAO so that control of the project can be given back to the community. In addition, Satoshibles is also planning to engage in charitable events.

    Furthermore, Satoshibles merchandise is already underway. This will fit in just fine when their art galleries are ready, displaying the 5,000-piece collection in physical and virtual galleries. Lastly, the team will also airdrop tokens in the future to reward the holders.

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