• NFT Collection “Kevin Punks” Aiming To Jump On The Trend Hits 2ETH

  • Kevinmania is still running rampant in the NFT space and Kevin Punks are proof. These derivative NFTs are taking advantage of the NFT space’s biggest meme of 2022. And believe it or not, they actually hit a 2 ETH floor price today.

    Kevin Punks is an absurd ode to the new unlikely icon of NFTs

    It’s an oft-stated truth that the NFT space moves at the speed of light. Projects (like Kevin Punks) disappear as quickly as they launch. Influencers get canceled and come back as if nothing happened. And memes get stale over the course of a single day. And then there’s Kevin.

    For those who don’t know – and surely there aren’t many anywhere near NFT Twitter who don’t know by now – Kevin is the meme that has taken over the NFT space. Yet unlike so many memes before him, Kevin has shown remarkable staying power. Indeed, we’re currently on day four or five of the nonstop Kevin celebration. And NFT projects like Kevin Punks are using that to their advantage.

    The first Kevin NFT derivatives started showing up almost as soon as the first viral memes did. And given the evergreen nature of low-effort, CryptoPunk derivative NFTs, that someone would eventually make a set of Kevin Punk NFTs was pretty much inevitable.

    What was far from inevitable was the fact that the Kevin Punks passed a 2 ETH floor earlier today. While the project didn’t hold that high for too long, the 500 NFTs are still at a 1.12 ETH floor at the time of writing.

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