• NFT Confex, A Virtual NFT Conference, Confirmed For This Month

  • Block Confex has announced that it will hold virtual NFT Confex on March 30, 2022. With the NFT market cap predicted to hit $26 billion by year-end, this conference is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry from the biggest players in the space. The speakers will discuss the present as well as the future of NFTs. In addition, they will also talk about how NFTs can be used across industries and products.

    NFT Confex: Why should you attend the conference?

    First and foremost, the NFT Confex expects to have over 1,000 attendees and more than 50 speakers and artists. There will be at least four virtual networking sessions and live chats where you will get a chance to connect with industry leaders. The dedicated event will have the movers and shakers of the industry discussing the hottest NFT topics and sharing practical insights. Besides, leading NFT influencers from across the globe will also be a part of the NFT Confex event.

    So, who are some of the confirmed speakers? Yahoo UK’s Creative Technologist Kadine James, NHcoin CEO Irvan Tisnabudi, Visual Artist Vesa Kivinen, Satoshi Games’ Mark Diego, Block Tides Founder Myrtle Ramos, and more will be speaking during NFT Confex. The experts will discuss topics such as NFT artists and creators, the biggest NFT ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces, DAOs, metaverse, and more.

    What’s more, NFT Confex is completely free to attend. It will take place virtually and stream live—you can attend the event right from the comforts of your home.


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