• NFT Influencers x Artists Form RELI3F, A web3 Charity Collective

  • RELI3F is a recent Web 3 initiative started by Web 3 artists to support the people of Ukraine in this difficult time. They unitedly tweeted “We recognize their struggle and believe that in a crisis when time is of the essence, Web 3 allows us to get funds where they are most needed.”

    RELI3F: A Web 3 initiative

    To begin, the RELI3F initiative includes 27 of the most influential artists from the Web 3 space. Since funds will be transferred using a blockchain, it will provide full transparency.

    Positively, 100% of funds from Andrew Wang’s primary sale will go towards relief efforts in Ukraine. The initiative is also working with advisors who are continuously connected to give live updates from Ukraine. This will also ensure that the money goes to the right place.

    Besides, the royalties from the secondary sales will go back to the artists, who have plans for further relief efforts.

    Additionally, all the 27 artists posted their artwork on their Twitter handles to send a clear support message to Ukraine in an act of kindness.

    Andrew Wang tweeted, “We are doing this because we believe in the power of our space. It has given us new lives, led us to good people, and equipped us with incredible tools. Today is a test of what we can do when we unite as a community to give back. I hope you’ll join us.”

    Finally, RELI3F isn’t the only one to show its support for Ukraine. Just recently, MakersPlace, the Ethereum based NFT marketplace, announced several measures on Twitter, including a donation of the proceeds from an NFT drop yesterday. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, announced his disgust on Twitter. In a tweet, the Russian-born Canadian stated. This is a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people.” Buterin also said: “Reminder: Ethereum is neutral, but I am not.”

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