• NFT Studio: 3D NFTs on Internet computers will disrupt the gaming scene

  • The Dfinity Foundation has officially launched one of their grant recipients, NFT Studio, a 3D and interactive NFT platform based on the Internet Computer Protocol. The platform aims to enhance the NFT gaming scene by overcoming the limitations of on-chain image size and cost constraints.

    How does NFT Studio support 3D NFT via Internet computers?

    NFT Studio enables creators to design, produce and host regular and interactive 3D NFTs.The best part? They can transfer, buy and sell these NFTs with virtually no transaction fees. This is a game changer in the NFT art world and can create more commercial use cases in marketing or gaming.

    NFT Studio currently includes two tools – a 3D voxel engine and a pixel engine – to build 3D NFTs and mint them immediately. Artists can use NFT Studio’s voxel tools to create 3D voxel models. They can then use these voxel models for a variety of purposes. Imagine using 3D interactive NFTs in social media and video games!

    Lukas Merville, founder and team lead of NFT Studios, explains how their platform is ushering in a new era for NFT games. She says, “Creators using powerful tools like Blender and Cinema 4D often say they are limited because platforms like Ethereum or Solana can’t handle the file sizes they work with. 3D NFTs sound like fiction – far beyond the current state of blockchain technology. But thanks to Internet computers, we’ve made them possible on the chain.”

    The Internet computer is perfect for this use case because it runs at web speed and provides an infinitely scalable platform for smart contracts. So users can access NFT Studio’s tools via web browsers and smartphones.

    More about ICP: The blockchain behind NFT Studio

    Internet Computer Protocol’s vision is to address the gaps in the existing major players. It plans to compete with cloud infrastructure giants such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In addition, it will compete directly with the Ether, Polkadot and Binance smart chains.

    How will it compete?

    Internet computers provide content from a jar, so the gas model is predictable. Since the cycle has a fixed cost (unlike Eth), costs and revenues will always be predictable for the developer. Therefore, operating costs will always be consistent, regardless of the price of ICP tokens. This is what makes their technology unique. Furthermore, developers can define a custom standard for their NFT series.

    Therefore, the DFinity Foundation is very pleased with its decision to support NFT Studio.Merville shared that “DFINITY directly understands the significance of 3D NFT and has provided financial support for the development of the NFT Studio minting engine through the Developer Grant Program.” She also emphasized that “Internet Computer is the only blockchain platform that allows smart contracts to serve the user experience directly in the browser.” This is a prerequisite for 3D NFT, and no other platform can offer this yet.

    The ICP token changed hands at a rate of $40.35.

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