• NFT Worlds Just Bought Wrld.domains And Wrld.gg Domain Names

  • NFT Worlds just acquired the domain names wrld.domains and wrld.gg. Through a Discord announcement, the metaverse platform said these new domains will make up the pillars of the WRLD name service.

    Why NFT Worlds Bought New Domain Names

    NFT Worlds shared its vision for its new domain names with its community. According to their post, .wrld names will offer users the ability to host their own content and website. In addition, they can also host other DNS-related records they would like through the top-level domain wrld.gg.

    Furthermore, NFT Worlds said that over time, they will push for .wrld names to parallel the functionality of .eth names. This includes transaction support of sending eth to .wrld addresses.

    Moreover, .wrld names will also provide an umbrella set of infrastructure within the ecosystem. It will give a consistent pattern for domains of NFT World games & projects in the future to attach their websites to.

    What is WRLD Name Service?

    The WRLD (World) Name Service (WNS) is a distributed, open, and extensible cross-metaverse identity system created by NFT Worlds. WNS aims to be the single identity provider (SIP) for players between all metaverses.

    WNS’ job is to provide the decentralized infrastructure for any metaverse or blockchain game. This means assigning profiles, stats, progress, data, achievements, and more to a single-player identity through their .wrld name regardless of the EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) based chain used.

    Additionally, WNS is also built to support many of the same functionalities as ENS, but cross-chain. This includes mapping .wrld names to Ethereum or equivalent chain addresses.

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