• NFT x Hong Kong Local Art Exhibition! Weekend music performance with popular artists

  • NFT x Local Art Exhibition “ARTAVERSE” will be held from June 3 to 12 at the Waterfront Event Space in Central, with three main zones including “ART HUB” with over 20 independent exhibition units exploring the art and technology exhibition ecosystem, “ART BOX” with top global artworks and hot NFT projects, and “ART BOX” with art and technology talks and weekend music performances. ART BOX”, a collection of the world’s leading artworks and hot NFT projects, and “ART STAGE”, which offers art and technology talks and weekend music performances, combining key elements of art and technology, local art and pop culture.

    Among all the programs, the most attractive one must be the weekend music performance, the performers include Dickson Lam, Shimica Wong, Dear Jane, Paiyu Chan, Yan Wong, RubberBand, and MC Chang Talent, the lineup is quite attractive! Mastercard holders can now enjoy 10% early bird discount and priority booking, while public tickets will be available at KKTIX from 11am on 31 May 2022, with adult tickets priced from HK$280.

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