• NFTcraft: the first game to combine metaverse and NFT elements

  • NFTCraft is cementing itself as the top new platform for digitizing video games on the blockchain. It is the first meta-universe to have a NFT element involved in making money from games.

    About NFTCraft

    NFTCraft is a new game on the Polygon blockchain – the Play to Earn game. However, a version for the Binance smartchain and the project’s own sidechain is in development. They joined Twitter in September this year and have since amassed over 5,000 followers on the platform. Their game is 3D and will offer the option to buy land in the “main city” as well as build art objects and other structures in the style of a custom NFT.

    The story surrounding the game on the project’s website is.” In the distant future, a galactic dwarf civilization discovers an asteroid of pure neo-gold. They want to own the asteroid and begin to consider plans to capture it. A council of the wisest galactic dwarves convenes. During this time, the entire civilization agreed to build a giant rocket capable of reaching the asteroid and successfully returning a load of new gold. For decades, entire planets have been building rockets, thinking about flight navigation and designing a powerful engine. The best people have designed engines for a rocket capable of reaching an asteroid in seconds and delivering a million cubic meters of new gold to its home planet.” You can read the rest of that story here.

    The main idea of the game and the hope for the player is to earn the maximum number of game governing tokens – Radiant ($RAD). At the beginning, you choose the NFT gnome and the island it will explore.ETH rewards are distributed at the end of the main game cycle. The more Radiant a player collects, the larger the reward at the end of the game. Features are being added all the time.

    Play and Earn Games

    Play-to-play games have always been a big topic in the cryptocurrency space. Their popularity has been rising over time, especially with Axie Infinity, which is without a doubt one of the biggest. The idea of these games is to reward players through in-game cryptocurrency tokens, as they simply go through the game and play it. Of course, this idea is welcomed by gamers because they will play the game no matter what. Now they can make money by doing what they love to do. Along with Axie Infinity, CoinMarketCap lists Decentraland and The Sandbox as the next biggest play-to-earn tokens. Since Meta (formerly Facebook) announced their major move into the meta-universe, all of the play tokens have seen a significant increase in value. More importantly, their move could involve an implementation of a form of gaming revenue that would increase the user base.

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