• NFTs land on Solana’s blockchain: facts and figures

  • For some time now, the NFT landscape has not only been limited to Ether, which remains the industry’s reference blockchain, but also on other chains, such as Solana.

    Just today, news broke that Phantom wallet will help music app Audius showcase NFTs. like many projects, especially in the arts, Audius decided to enter the world of unforgeable tokens, in this case using Solana’s blockchain and thanks to Phantom’s integration, displaying NFTs’ profiles in the app.

    Until now, Audius has only displayed Ether-based NFTs, but it has now expanded its support for Solana.

    NFT projects on Solana

    Solanart.io is one of the marketplaces where NFTs are sold and bought on Solana. Most of them are collectibles that follow the Crypto Punks logic, i.e. a series of figurines with lower or higher rarity depending on the object represented above. In fact, on Solana we also find Sol Punks, a parody of the more famous Crypto Punks, and Dengen Ape, reminiscent of Bored Ape, which is now a big hit at Sotheby’s.

    Thanks to NFT, Solana’s price broke a new record

    Just a few days ago, Solana’s price set an all-time record of over $100 thanks to the announcement of its entry into the world of cryptocurrency art.

    Currently, due to the success of this move, SOL is ranked seventh in market capitalization, and at the time of writing, it is worth $143.

    NFTs on Ether and other blockchains

    However, looking at the ranking of all the best-selling NFT projects on the CryptoSlam.io website, it’s clear that Ether is still the most widely used blockchain. In fact, only 9 of the top 100 do not use Ether. Among these other blockchains, we find Flow, WAX, and Polygon, but no Solana.

    So, as you can see from these numbers, Solana has a long way to go before it can compete with Ether.

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