• NFTs gaining more attention in the film industry by ‘locking up’ thrillers

  • “Lockdown” is a new pandemic-inspired thriller that will be released as an uncounterfeitable token before its theatrical debut.

    The project features a number of n tokenotable actors, including Terminator 2: Judgment Day star Xander Berkeley.

    According to director Bizhan Tong, it will focus on innovative technology.

    “Lockdown” is a commentary on the events of 2020, including our increasing reliance on technology and the innovative ways in which it is being used.

    The film’s production is sponsored by AMM Global, a subsidiary of major Hong Kong broadcaster ATV, UK production company Phoenix Waters Productions and investment management firm YG Capital.

    Collectible movies have become one of the most exciting use cases for NFT. Some believe this new technology will be able to add a modern touch to the DVD collector market, which has been rendered almost obsolete by the rapid proliferation of streaming.

    Earlier this month, a thriller starring two-time Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins also debuted as an NFT.

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