• Nifty Gateway Launches NFT Advisory Program for Institutions

  • “As institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals get interested in the market, they’re going to need people who can give them quality advice”, said Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of Nifty Gateway. As such, the company recently launched their NFT advisory program to meet these needs.

    The program caters to the needs of museums, funds, family offices, corporations and large brands, regardless individual or institutional collectors. Now, they can enjoy services such as personalized onboarding, market intelligence, strategic acquisition, events and much more. Also, its FREE!

    Nifty Gateway NFT Advisory Program

    One of the main visions of the company is to achieve the 1 billion user milestone. The company believes that the NFT advisory program will help to propel them towards that target. However, the company emphasized that people should not perceive this program as an ‘exclusive club’ or a ‘gated community’. Instead, through larger players such as institutions and influential collectors, more will come to know of the community, and be a part of it.

    Right now, the free service provides a gateway and a starting point for many. The platform even accepts fiat payments, unlike many other NFT marketplaces. As a part of the Gemini ecosystem, they are developing a bridge for many to hop on the blockchain express.

    To support the anticipated growth, the company has in place an aggressive hiring and expansion plan within the advisory department. Nifty Gateway is no stranger to big name NFTs, and has positioned themselves well for the next level.

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