• Nine Chronicles’ first arena season is here with exclusive NFTs

  • The decentralized RPG, Nine Chronicles, has announced its first Arena Season 0, which will include an $896K NCG pool (over $2 million) and the opportunity to bet in the NCG or compete in the Arena for 240 exclusive NFTs for Season 0, including 6 Mythical Costumes Ruci and 34 Legendary Costumes Rui to top arena and NCGstakers.

    The prize pool will be divided into two categories; one monthly arena awarded to all participants for a total of $448,000 and four weekly arenas awarded to the top 500 players for a total of $448,000 in NCG.Ruci and Rui are two new NFT costumes that will be introduced, exclusive to this season only, and the only chance to get them.

    Season 0 will be named after Yggdrasil, the first world of NFT, and will feature a number of unique and engaging challenges. To participate, players must reach level 17 to unlock Arena mode, compete in the Arena to earn higher ratings, and use the NC portal to view full rankings and redeem prizes. As always, players must use Arena tickets, which will be available every 6 hours for 5 tickets (every 2000 pieces).

    The season will begin on September 8 and end on October 6. The game will also have a new arena reward – exclusive medals. Each battle will give players a 30% chance of earning an exclusive Season 0 medal. At the end of the season, the $448,000 NCG will be split by the total number of medals earned by all Arena participants.

    The team will be adding more interesting game-earning mechanics in future seasons and hinted that there may be further opportunities to trade in season exclusive medals for prizes.

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