• Ninja Fantasy Trader Announces Its First Trading Contest of NFTraders

  • Ninja Fantasy Trader, the first financial NFT game to enter the Metaverse, announced lately it’s launching the first trading contest for NFTraders and Samurais. The game operates on a play-to-earn mechanism within the digital ecosystem.

    The announcement came on the game’s official Twitter account in many posts, the latest was announcing 10 minutes battles for users to challenge their opponents with and make trading operations for a prize given to the best performance.

    Meanwhile, on March 9, the company announced in a tweet about a huge giveaway valued at 10 ETH. According to the tweet, for users to get listed in this giveaway, they have to “join their discord account, follow their Twitter account, like and retweet the post and post a proof (screenshot) from the Discord channel.”

    Ninja Fantasy Trader, in simple words, is a play-to-earn trading game. As the game proceeds, the user would be accompanied across a competitive trading platform dealing within crypto, forex, stocks, and commodities. However, to be a part of this competitive trading platform, the user is supposedly required to understand the complete gaming procedure.

    This game is built across a fantasy metaverse of eight cities known as Traderland, it is powered through the in-game characters, which would act as the NFTs of the complete system. To be a part of the platform, users need to own at least one dedicated NFT. These NFTs, also known as Samurais, are recognized as NFTraders across the game, considering their primary motive to trade across the metaverse.

    The CEO Ariel Eduardo Morales shared his excitement about having Ninja Fantasy Trader taking over the metaverse with its initial presale in March. The team also shared information saying that Only 3000 Samurais, out of the complete 31,700 Samurais, will be made available for the traders in the first presale phase.

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