• Nippleverse leads the way for the next generation of collectibles

  • Ready to make a big splash on the blockchain is the most intriguing collectible project to date. A group of nipple-themed NFTs that exploit the decentralized nature of the medium to make a statement against censorship.

    Welcome to the Nippleverse, a set of 4,444 procedurally generated skin protrusions that exist on the ethereum blockchain. This comprehensive set of beautiful nipples is created from a vast array of skin tones, piercings, sizes and styles, making each item a unique digital collectible for the ultimate nipple connoisseur.

    In mid-November, the Nippleverse roadmap will be integrated in several phases. The first phase will be a pre-sale of 444 nipples, immediately followed by a public sale of the remaining units. Then, at the end of that phase, a DAO-style governance system will see voters decide the location of the first-ever nipple-themed meta-space party.

    At the heart of the nipple universe, however, is its community. To celebrate this, some additional rewards are in store for its most active residents. Throughout the launch, Nippleverse will be constantly rewarding the most active community members with NFT and ETH. All you have to do is interact on the Nippleverse Discord and Twitter channel to become one of these key contributors.

    Looking ahead, the Nippleverse team has a number of plans to secure the future of the project. With that in mind, 5% of sales revenue and 50% of royalties are reserved for a buyback and burnout mechanism to maintain a healthy floor and increase overall rarity. If all that wasn’t enough, Nippleverse will donate 10% to help fight breast cancer.

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