• now.gg Launches Cloud Payments and Mobile Game NFT Realization Channels with as Low as 5% Share

  • While meeting app store compliance requirements, now.gg enables game developers to increase profits for paying players by 25% and open up additional revenue channels for non-paying players, thereby increasing overall game revenue

    Beijing-based mobile cloud company now.gg unveils cloud payments and NFT (Non-Forgible Token) based cashout model for handheld games, which is available in cloud gaming, Apple and Google app stores and will significantly increase handheld developers’ revenue.

    For in-purchase top-ups through the now.gg cloud payments channel, game developers will receive a 95% cut, which will increase profits for paying users by 25 basis points. For non-paying users, NFT-based exchanges, gift cards and game fan art creation realizations will also generate more revenue for game developers.

    “There are two major trends that all game developers can’t avoid: the rising cost of customer acquisition due to IDFA and the explosive growth of NFT transactions,” said Dr. Orsen Sharma, CEO of now.gg.” For example, NFT has reached $4 billion in monthly transaction volume, which when converted to adult transactions, has reached nearly half the size of the global mobile market. Not only is this a staggering number, but it shows all developers the huge growth potential of the new model. The mobile cloud not only boosts developer profits, but also demonstrates a new NFT-based real estate channel. We believe this will develop into a huge realisation opportunity, far beyond today’s in-app purchase and store models, and significantly increase developer profits and user freedom, making it the true future of the games industry.”

    now.gg Cloud Payments was born in the wake of the rapid growth of mobile gaming worldwide, the low share split policy of app stores and the explosion of NFT transactions. While the handheld gaming market is expected to reach $29.1 billion by 2022, paying players represent only 5% of the total player base, meaning there is still a huge market to tap into. Cloud payments greatly increase the profits for paying players. When developers complete the integration of now.gg cloud payments, players will be able to top up their game sites using fiat currency or other forms of payment. the NFT exchange will activate 95% of non-paying players, unlocking a whole new revenue stream for game developers. Users will be able to buy, trade or collect digitally on the exchange. The higher profits and new revenue streams from cloud payments are unmatched by the existing app store model, giving developers more opportunities and players the ability to benefit from them.

    Since its inception, now.gg has been dedicated to empowering developers and bringing new gaming experiences to players. now.gg’s mobile cloud service helps developers create, share and monetize in the cloud rather than in-app, dramatically changing the reach, growth potential and business model of gaming.

    With players expected to spend 1 billion minutes playing on the now.gg platform within a year, through cloud payments, developers can offer players a new and unique NFT purchase and transaction experience, creating even more opportunities.

    About now.gg

    now.gg is a mobile cloud company designed to help game developers and gamers enhance their gaming experience. As the world’s first Mobile Platform-as-a-Service for game developers, now.gg enables gamers to play games on any device and operating system, and share and make in-game purchases instantly on social media. By removing geographic, device and attribute restrictions, now.gg brings more users and opens up new monetization models for game developers.

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