• NYX Professional and Rebecca Minkoff Join Cryptocurrency Fashion Week

  • In its second season, Cryptocurrency Fashion Week with NFTs saw big names join the ranks as major brand partners. As part of NFT, NYX Professional Makeup provided the first makeup look to set the pace. It is the official beauty partner of the event, which is scheduled to take place from September 10 to 17. One of the best features was Rebecca Minkoff’s participation in NFT’s costume. Since the first NFT wave, which took place in February 2021, several mainstream beauty and fashion brands have lined up to participate in the cryptocurrency fashion week.

    These engagements are largely an attempt to cash in on the hype surrounding NFT and its community. Organizers are optimistic about a future where virtual beauty and fashion will take center stage. Lady PheOnix, founder of Cryptocurrency Fashion Week, is quoted as saying that the world is ready and charged up to move into the meta-universe. She believes that in the future, almost everyone will have an avatar. She also affirmed the belief that those who want to be fashionable in real life will also want the same in the meta-universe.

    Low Cost Fashion Week is organized by Universe Contemporary, a cryptocurrency company owned by Lady PheOnix, and the event is held on multiple platforms. This included the likes of Twitter, Twitch, Spaces, YouTube and the company’s website. The highlights of the event were talks, NFT placements and featured live streams, culminating in a virtual fashion show called Meta Gala.

    Special effects makeup artist Mimi Choi created the first real-life makeup look for NYX Cosmetics, a digital version that was combined with hologram captures to give life to the avatar.NFT’s AR filter format saw the digital version of the makeup, allowing site visitors to enter the Meta Gala and participate in giveaways. The fashion show featured Choi modeling the digital version of the makeup in a Rebecca Minkoff dress.

    As quoted by Yasmin Dastmalchi, managing director of MYX Professional Makeup USA, the virtual makeup fittings were crucial in connecting with the audience that gives life to the art of makeup. She also said that showcasing how the entire brand’s portfolio offers virtual makeup try-ons. featured looks from the NFT fashion show will be auctioned off virtually for 24 hours, with giveaways from NYX Cosmetics. The minimum bid for the auction is 1 Ether, which is equivalent to $3,377.

    There are some beauty brands that allow the use of cryptocurrency accumulated through cryptocurrency betting to purchase products. As quoted by Dastmalchi, this is an area that has yet to be explored.

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