• OneRare Raises $2 Million to Build First Metaverse of Food, Games and NFT

  • OneRare, the first-ever project to build a meta-universe for food, games and NFTs on the blockchain ecosystem, has revealed the completion of its funding round. As announced by the team, the cutting-edge innovation raised $2 million in the funding round.

    The funding round was led by major blockchain venture capitalists including Arkstream Capital, Momentum 6, StableNode, Exnetwork Capital, Enjinstarter, Everse Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Tag Ventures , Maven Capital, 1010 Capital, CSP DAO, Skyman Ventures, FF Ventures, ZBS Capital, and Lucid Blue Ventures.These investors are very bullish on OneRare’s long-term vision to eventually become the largest food meta-universe in the blockchain industry Project.

    OneRare’s move to build the next wave of the blockchain meta-universe has attracted not only investors but also upcoming angel investors, including Nischal Shetty, founder of WazirX, Sebastien Borget, co-founder of Sandbox, Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon Ravindra Kumar, founder of Frontier, Edmond Truong, founder of Formation Fi, and Tamar Menteshashvili of Solana.

    Tarun Jaswani of Unbound Finance, Shashwat Gupta, founder of Altcoin Buzz, Prakash Somosundram of Enjinstarter and Abhinav Sarangi, Head of Product at LEGO Games also joined in to accompany OneRare’s successful launch.

    A major milestone in the blockchain space

    Taking a completely different dimension away from the ordinary noise, OneRare is infiltrating the blockchain meta-universe and is poised to become a major milestone in this space. The project is leveraging the growing number of GameFi enthusiasts and the growing community of food enthusiasts spread across the globe to redefine the existing concept of the virtual realm. As the first food meta-universe running on the blockchain, OneRare is crossing different boundaries, using food as a unifying language and ushering in a vision of an immersive food universe.

    With OneRare, the blockchain meta-universe will cater to a global audience as foodies will have access to a food universe that can be explored to its fullest while turning a profit. Foodies will be able to farm ingredients, trade at farmers’ markets, or head to the kitchen to pick up dishes. The Food Universe also features a playground where users can use their NFTs to battle it out in minigames.

    Backed by experienced industry insiders, OneRare is poised to break new ground in this industry while revitalizing the blockchain meta-universe.

    Creating a global impact

    The funding will also help OneRare drive global impact by providing a new marketing channel for the global food and beverage industry. By joining chefs and restaurants, they will create an unprecedented global monetization option for the food and beverage industry. The project also recognizes their social responsibility to the cause of world hunger and will work with chefs and the Web3 project to create awareness and raise funds. The project has now launched its test network and is working closely with decentralized launch pads to complete its launch journey.

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