• OpenSea is the first NFT marketplace to exceed $1 billion in monthly trading volume

  • The monthly trading volume of OpenSea, a marketplace for non-forgeable tokens (NFT), has exceeded $1 billion.

    OpenSea’s trading volume grew 286% from July to August, and it has carried the majority of NFT monthly trading volume since May of this year. The company has reached $1.23 billion in volume this month, compared to $1.27 billion for the market as a whole.

    The platform’s record trading volume also happens to coincide with the highest search interest ever on Google. In other words, for the first time ever, search interest in “OpenSea” is at its highest point.

    OpenSea, a New York-based company founded in 2017, reached a $1.5 billion valuation at the end of July. It raised $100 million in a recent Series B round and $23 million in a Series A round, with venture firm Andreessen Horowitz leading its two previous rounds.

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