• OpenSea NFT Heavyweight Made $12 Billion in Sales

  • Analysts at Zapper have shared the most crucial numbers for the red hot segment of non-fungible tokens. The statistics look impressive, but it may be only the beginning.

    26,000 collections, 25 million transfers: NFTs are on fire

    According to the official announcement shared by Zapper representatives, they just created a tool to index all non-fungible token transfers on leading marketplace OpenSea.

    This instrument (it is not open-source) just finished its first analysis and unveiled the key figures of OpenSea’s performance. In total, 26,000 collections were launched on OpenSea since its launch.

    Twenty-five million non-fungible tokens were transferred between NFT enthusiasts via the leading marketplace. In total, OpenSea surpassed $12 billion in sales.

    Félix Descôteaux, chief developer of Zapper, is sure that this segment has amazing prospects:

    Very bullish.

    OpenSea doubles its bet on multi-chain expansion: Solana, Fantom to be integrated

    Also, he unveiled that after OpenSea, the mentioned instrument will be able to browse through other systems for non-fungible token sales.

    Earlier today, OpenSea made headlines as crypto blogger shared a screenshot that hinted at integration of Fantom (FTM) and Solana (SOL), the hottest blockchains of 2021.

    Both Solana and Ethereum are more resource-efficient than Ethereum (ETH), which is currently the main platform for OpenSea NFT transactions.

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