• Ozzy Osbourne Announces MutantBatz Is Coming This Month

  • Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness, announces that MutantBatz is coming this month. The announcement comes in the form of a video posted by the rock legend to his 5.3 million followers.

    In a comedic throwback to 90s style infomercials, the video confirms that MutantBatz is launching on February 20th. The hilarious video features Ozzy and describes how you can ‘transform’ your CryptoBatz NFT into a MutantBatz. CryptoBatz offers the chance to combine your NFT with several blue-chip projects for this unique, tasty event.

    How to get your MutantBatz NFT

    All you have to do is head over to the CryptoBatz.com website on February 20th and ‘choose your victim’. Essentially, CryptoBatz allows their NFT holders to mutate their NFTs by ‘biting them’.

    Significantly, your new MutantBatz NFT will share the traits of your original CryptoBatz. These combine with the unique DNA of your chosen victim. You get to keep your original CryptoBatz NFT but gain a cool mutant in the process.

    Furthermore, you can choose which NFT you want to combine with your CryptoBatz to create your monstrous mutant bat. These include Bored Ape Yacht Club, CrypToadz, SupDucks, Alien Frens and CyberKongz.

    Meanwhile, whichever NFT you choose will give your new MutantBatz NFT a distinct, extraordinary look.

    The CryptoBatz collection of 9,666 bats NFTs has proved to be highly successful. Now, the floor sits at 1.26 ETH, and the community is growing. The announcement of MutantBatz is proof that this is a project with long term goals.

    Finally, many celebrities, musicians and artists continue to enter the NFT space and explore the great options available. Without a doubt, it is great to see someone like Ozzy Osbourne entering the space and embracing the culture.

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