• Palm Launches Special Creator Engagement Program for NFT Artists

  • Palm NFT Studio, a platform for culture and creativity, has launched the Palm Creator Engagement Program. In strategic partnership with Portion and Pace Gallery, the program is aimed at uplifting and supporting the NFT art community.

    Artists will have the chance to enroll in the Creator Program database, after which they are eligible for a number of perks. In order to join the database, artists must first have minted NFT artworks on other platforms. That is the only requirement! All types of artists spanning all styles and genres are invited to join.

    Once creators have an active membership, they will receive social media support, join AMAs, and be selected for partnerships as well as commissions. Each week, the Palm Curatorial Team will select an artist from the database to feature on the platform’s social media channels and attract new collectors and audiences to the works of the creator.

    Featured artists will also take part in Palm’s upcoming Artists AMAs, where they will get the chance to talk about their creative process and experiences in depth. Since the platform also works with high-profile partners across industries, these artists will also have the opportunity to be selected for certain projects and partnerships. And finally, as an NFT-focused protocol, Palm will on occasion commission works from artists in the community for special projects and other initiatives.

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