• Parallel’s NFT dominates OpenSea’s top rankings

  • The latest unexpected project to take the NFT scene by storm is Parallel, a trading card battle game featuring five Parallel evolutions of humanity as they vie for dominance over the planet.

    Parallel currently resides in the upper echelons of the OpenSea ranking table, briefly usurping CryptoPunks’ top spot. Now, the cards are selling like hotcakes, changing hands with alarming frequency. Clearly, this is the next big thing in the blockchain gaming world. Pretty impressive for a game that is still in development.

    Parallel follows the fate of humanity in a distant future. After a huge catastrophe, the people of Earth separate into 5 factions, which are spread throughout the solar system. As a result, these 5 factions developed independently and developed their own unique characteristics and abilities. These factions are called “Parallels”.

    Each Parallel faction has its own line of NFT cards. Each card is a high-quality work of art, representing a 3D rendering of the item depicted therein.NFTs are sold publicly, which will in turn fund the development of the full game.

    In order to play Parallel, participants must first accumulate a full deck of cards, representing a Parallel faction. There are no built-in properties in the cards yet, however, these will be updated in the future.

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