• Pastel Network x onXRP NFT Marketplace Partner To Enhance Security

  • onXRP.com recently announced the integration of Pastel Network’s security protocols within their upcoming NFT marketplace. This exclusive partnership will seek to identify scammers lurking on the platform, authenticate NFT rareness, perform NFT duplication checks, and ensure overall data security.

    onXRP.com is a leading technology and content platform, providing user-driven innovation to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Generally, they also produce content about the XRPL, NFTs and the crypto industry as a whole. The platform intends to integrate Pastel Network’s Sense Protocol and Cascade Protocol. In essence, this enhances the security of the XRPL NFT ecosystem.

    Pastel Network x onXRP

    With an NFT marketplace incoming, onXRP is taking the alarming security concerns in the NFT space seriously. According to onXRP.com’s Kaj Leroy, no established marketplace has implemented such tools so far. Aside from establishing a competitive edge, they also want to put themselves ahead of scammers, fakes, and copycats.

    The Sense Protocol is a near-duplicate detection system for NFTs. The protocol goes beyond the standard “digital fingerprint” approach, and looks at the rareness of the pixel patterns in data. By identifying the most subtle similarities between two NFTs, it essentially protects creators and collectors from copyright infringements and scams.

    On the other hand, Cascade Protocol is a robust, on-chain storage solution. It focuses on overcoming rug pulls, NFT disappearances, data losses and manipulation. This is made possible via Pastel Network’s permanent and lossless storage feature. Basically, the network distributes NFT data in chunks across different SuperNodes in the network. As such, the system can protect the assets forever even if there are network disturbances.

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