• Peng Chacha(澎恰恰) Pays off debts with the NFT boom, releasing 2 job vacancies

  • The artist Peng Chacha, who has a large amount of debt, has accepted the help of Lin Bingwen to accept a number of endorsements, but also often through the film, cooperation to increase exposure, and boldly try a variety of business opportunities that can make money, and recently posted an article revealing his intention to produce NFT (non-homogenized tokens), taking advantage of the trend, and open 2 job vacancies high-profile recruitment.

    NFT is a new type of digital asset, usually used in artwork, music to buy and sell, buy NFT means to buy the ownership of the object, for example, if there are people and things you want to support, you can buy its NFT, and you can also issue NFT for others to donate money, Shawn Yue , Edison Chan and Jay Chou, etc. rely on this to make a lot of profit.

    The progress of repaying the debt is still worrying, but he posted an article revealing that he wants to produce NFT, and is currently planning to recruit engineers and promoters, hoping that people who have confidence and enthusiasm for online publicity can take the initiative to apply, the posting attracted a lot of fan support, but there are also netizens suggesting that Peng Chacha(澎恰恰) can first end the debt dispute, and then invest, after all, recruiting talent still needs Costs, and NFT is in the development stage, risk, future and whether there are people willing to buy, must also be carefully considered.

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